Before You Depart

The University has contracted with US Bank to provide employees with a University One Card. Employees can Request a One Card Application by emailing The employee should list their supervisor’s name and their budget administrator’s name. A DocuSign form will be generated and routed to the appropriate approval signatures required. After the card application has been processed, the requestor will

receive a confirmation email. Allow two weeks for processing and receivement of the physical card. Once the card is received, the cardholder must pick up the card from the Card Administrator. The cardholder is responsible for activating their card by calling the toll free number provided on the card. Each card is issued to a named individual with the University of San Diego clearly displayed on the card.

Torero Travel and Expense will be used to submit monthly expense reports with appropriate allocation of charges to proper POETS. All reports should be submitted to the statement dates. Before using your One Card, please read USD policies and procedures. Email with any questions.

The Request feature in Torero Travel and Expense is an optional feature that departments/division can use for their area. It is still acceptable to receive permission of travel verbally but it advised to get approval on email for documentation purposes.

Please reference the Request Training Guides.

  • Call the number on the back of your One Card and let US Bank know of your travel plans
  • Review University San Diego’s Travel and Expense Procedure.
  • Submit Request Travel (if required by division/department)
  • Purchase airfare in advance with CTP Travel Agents or online through Torero Travel. All University paid airfare must go CTP and will be paid on a central lodge card. The expense will be reconciled individually after the charge has been made.
  • Reserve ground transportation, if applicable
  • Reserve hotel (Conference hotel, Torero Travel, CTP Agents) · Forward your travel itinerary to
  • Check airline baggage/boarding rules
  • Check travel advisories for destination in Torero Travel and Expense → Travel → Tools
  • Check export control requirements
  • Obtain appropriate immunizations
  • Acquire applicable travel identification (e.g. passport/visa)
  • Confirm necessary insurance coverage (e.g. medical)
  • Arrange financial options
  • Check your flight status before departure
  • Share itinerary and other travel details with department/family/friend
  • Connect Mobile App
  • Connect TripIt Pro App

NOTE: The pre-departure checklist is a general list and is not inclusive of all items necessary for travel to you business destination. Consult your airline, travel agency, host or other travel resources to ensure all basic requirements are covered.

  • Identification
  • Take only the identification information that you will need (e.g. driver’s license, passport, visa, etc.). To determine what identification is required for the travel destination, contact the airline, travel agency or appropriate government agency.
  • Financial Resources
  • Bring multiple forms of money, including traveler’s checks, ATM cards, credit cards, and cash, Do not rely on a single means of accessing funds.
  • Emergency Contact Lists
  • Take a list of emergency contacts, including family members, physicians, and university supervisors.
  • Medical Insurance Card
  • Carry your insurance card and important medical information about any significant health issues in the event of an emergency.
  • Baggage and Equipment
  • Limit baggage and equipment to the basics needed for the trip.